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Post Election (Nov. 3rd)

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support in my campaign. With over 1.1 million votes – a third of the total votes – we were able to increase the Republican percentage by 8 points – over 300,000 more compared to the last general election – against the Madigan machine while being out spent more than 10 to 1. We could not have accomplished this without all of your support.

Although it was not the outcome we were seeking, our message of rooting out public corruption and bringing respect and jobs back to Illinois will continue to be a message that I plan to take beyond November 2nd. Again – thank you for your support and for carrying my message out. I look forward to seeing everyone in the near future.


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The finish…

I would like to thank all our friends and supporters who have worked tirelessly on behalf of our campaign for the past 15 months. It has been an incredible experience and meeting so many great people has been the most rewarding aspect of all this.

No matter what the results are today, I am so grateful to all of you for your support and friendship!

Let’s finish strong today!


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Winding down…

Over the weekend we walked precincts and went to restaurants to shake hands. There were also several big rallies: one in Northbrook and another one in Chicago. There is so much excitement out there!

Today the statewide ticket is doing a fly around throughout Illinois. We started with train stations in Chicago followed by breakfast at Mitchell’s. Also, I did a Fox Chicago interview.

We will be in Springfield, Champaign, Metro East, Cahokia and ending in DuPage for a huge final rally! Only 24 hours left!

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