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Thursday, 10/28 (D-5)

On Thursday we attended a luncheon hosted by Adam Andrzejewski’s Good for Illinois organization in honor of former Poland President and Nobel Prize recipient Lech Walesa. What an amazing international figure. His speech was riveting. Bill Brady also gave a great speech. Governor Brady will be an international leader…bridging the international marketplace with Illinois companies.

We then headed to the Tea Party Express event. A large crowd was gathered outside to hear from speakers. My hands were freezing holding the microphone but the electric atmosphere was exciting.

I stopped by the Asian American Coalition meeting. I want to thank my good friend Prem Lalvani for his tireless efforts for the Asian American community. We are blessed by his leadership.

The final event was at the Oak Park/ River Forest rally. Tom Cronin leads a great group of Republicans. It was awesome to see so many Republicans in Oak Park. Thank you Carol Donovan, our State Central Committeeman for the area for inviting me. Congressman Roskam gave the keynote address…followed by myself and then by our great friend and mentor Dan Rutherford. Cook County Commissioner and Mayor of Elmwood Park Pete Silvestri also gave fine remarks. It was a good time at the beautiful Oak Park Country Club.

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  • Shaun Lippy · November 1, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I am VERY disappointed to learn of your attendance at a Tea Party event, Mr. Kim. I have been researching your candidacy and was strongly leaning toward casting my vote for you, but learning of your kowtowing to those ultra right wing extremists in the Tea Party has dissuaded me. I was hoping you could be a voice for the reasonable people who tend to the middle of the political spectrum, but I no longer feel that this is likely.

  • Admin comment by Steve Kim · November 1, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    “Although it is true that the “tea party” organizations do support my intention to root out public corruption and look to make sure that government works within their means, I am dissapointed to hear that this dissuades you. I might add, I am endorsed by Jim Edgar, who has been known to be a staunch moderate on many issues and a fiscally conservative governor. I hope that you can see that I have broad-based support from across the political spectrum and that you will re-consider your vote. Thank you for your time. Steve Kim – Candidate for Illinois Attorney General.”

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