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Saturday, October 23rd (D-9!)

We started early on Saturday at the ROLT election judges and precinct captains breakfast. A large crowd heard from numerous candidates including Dan Rutherford and myself. Commissioner Tony Peraica always does a great job in getting out the vote and energizing the crowd….and always with the support and assistance of his deputy, Gigi Callaway. Gigi is a rock star.

We then headed to a rally at the 10th ward in the city at Angel Garcia’s headquarters. Dan Rutherford, Isaac Hayes (running for Congress against Jesse Jackson Jr), Angel Garcia and myself had an opportunity to speak to volunteers.

I also did an interview on WBEZ…which will be aired on Thursday.

We also visited a victory center in Northbrook where Tony Esposito is doing a great job getting volunteers and making calls. The center was packed with volunteers as Illinois surpassed over 3 million calls made. Rodney Davis, Randy Pollard and all the victory center directors are working 24/7 to get out the vote.

I wanted to point out the desperation and incivility by some of the Democratic leadership in Illinois. On Saturday, state senator Ricky Hendon, who is running for Mayor, when introducing Pat Quinn at a rally attended by union members called Bill Brady  “idiotic, racist, sexist,etc…”. This is uncalled for and Mr. Hendon owes Bill Brady an apology. It is this type of behavior by politicians that is alienating the public. We desperately need new types of leaders in Illinois. Voters need to repudiate politicians that use name calling and personal insults as a political tactic.


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  • Wes Matejka · October 26, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I have been reading a lot of these comments by people running for office. My feelings parallel this, but I am at the point where I am taking names. I will not sit back and let those that I vote for act in the same way. At least, not without saying something to them. Good luck and I hope to see you in office this spring.

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