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Thomas Schlenhardt, campaign manager, gives his thoughts on the Trib’s endorsement.

Although the Tribune got it wrong on the endorsement, they did get it right in calling Lisa Madigan out on her dismal record of fighting public corruption: “What she (Lisa Madigan) hasn’t done…is launch a full assault on political corruption. Madigan has NIBBLED AROUND THE EDGES, working to strengthen and enforce the ‘revolving door’… prohibitions that prevent state employees from taking jobs with the firms they regulate. But the hallmark of her tenure has been consumerism, NOT corruption-busting.”

Thomas J. Schlenhardt
Campaign Manager
Steve Kim for Illinois Attorney General
To see the full Tribune article, please follow:
Tribune endorsements for state treasurer, comptroller, secretary of state and attorney general

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  • Brian · October 14, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    Of course Lisa cannot face corruption. It would mean investigating her father and the Democratic machine. Likewise, she cannot investigate unscrupulous Republicans because of the inevitable challenges to such a policy. One thing is certain. The Madigan machine has to go.

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