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Heartland Institute Annual Dinner/La Luce Restaurant event

The campaign stuck around Chicago on Thursday. We attended the Heartland Institute Annual Dinner. Congratulations to  Joseph Bast, the president of the Heartland Institute for a successful event. The Heartland Institute does a wonderful job in their promotion of education and tax reforms and other important policies matter. They are being heard and making an impact everywhere as I crisscross this State and listen to voters angry with the current corrupt political system. Voters are tired of the ineffectual leadership from Springfield and want to see new direction.

House Leader Tom Cross and House Republican Organization chair Skip Saviano are leading the Republican renaissance in Illinois. They hosted a wonderful event at La Luce Restaurant in the west loop. Our House candidates and legislators are doing a great job in their efforts of recapturing the House. Wouldn’t it be great to have Speaker Cross in Springfield and this is the year to do it!!!

We need all your help!!!

Reminder..hope to see a lot of you at my event on Sep 18 at 6pm at the Wyndham Hotel Glenview (1400 Milwaukee Ave in Glenview). Any questions please let us know


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