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Weekend was great.

Great day in Southern Illinois! Spoke at a Pachyderm group luncheon in Ofallon. Then I went and walked the very long Duquoin parade… I really need to get better parade walking shoes. We ended the day at the Illinois Federation of Republican Women conference in Carbondale-what a great group of women! They are energized and ready to fight for the ticket.

Thank you to Travis Storbach, who has been assisting me in southern Illinois. Travis is the president of Southern Illinois University’s law school Republican organization. He’s going to be a great lawyer!

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Dear supporters,

Steve will be doing a Southern Illinois tour from Friday to Tuesday (Aug 28-31). Steve will be starting in O’Fallon on Friday at noon speaking to the Pachyderm Club and speaking to the Illinois Federation of Republican Women in Carbondale on Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday will be filled with picnics and parades in Saline and on Monday, Steve will be doing a meet and greet at Southern Illinois University with members of the Williamson County Republican Organization. Steve will end up at the Duquoin State Fair on Tuesday.

He will also be doing several radio shows:

WHO – WMAY-AM 970 (Springfield) with Jim Leach
WHEN – Monday, Aug 30th, 7:10 am

WHO – WTAX-AM 1240 (Springfield); Newsmakers with Bob Murrary
WHEN – Monday, 8:40 am

WHO – WJPF-AM 1340 “Morning News Watch with Tom Miller” – Al Fox is the news director
WHEN – Tuesday, 31, 7:10 am arrival in-studio (on air at 7:20 am)

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Central Illinois!

Sunday was another swing to Central Illinois. Connie Nord hosted a great Mclean County Women’s event in Bloomington. There were Hundreds of women and men were in attendance listening to the candidates speak. People are so friendly in central Illinois!

After Bloomington we headed south to Benaldt, Illinois where Macoupin County Chair Terry Coyne hosted a Republican Fun Day event. We had a lot of fun at the picnic… had the best baked beans ever!

Monday I did a radio show in Bloomington: Cities 92.3FM. I can definitely feel the momentum building and building. Illinoisans are yearning for real change!

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Update 8/22

Busy day today… Former Treasurer and current nominee for Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, Senator Dan Rutherford who is our Nominee for Treasurer and I attended a press conference at the Isla Filipino Restaurant (what great food!!!) to discuss the consolidation of the Comptroller and Treasurer offices. This will save taxpayers over 10 million dollars every year and streamline services. Twelve Asian media outlets were in attendance and also the Philippines Consul General.

I visited two Illinois victory centers: Northbrook and Lincoln Park Chicago. This is the second Super Saturday and the call centers were filled with volunteers making calls. When I left, over 40000 calls were already made in Illinois. Rodney Davis and Randy Pollard are doing a tremendous job leading the effort and the center directors are just amazing.

I also attended a benefit dinner for the Pakistani flood victims. Over 20 million Pakistanis are affected by the flooding. 3 million lives are in danger due to disease. We all must help! I will have a link on facebook and website shortly directing everyone on how they can help.

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Indian Independence and more…

Congratulations to our Indian American community as they planned and implemented a very successful Indian Independence Day Parade. My feet were hurting but it was great shaking hundreds of hands on the parade route.

I also attended the Naperville flag raising ceremony in honor of Indian Independence Day. Thank you Mayor Pradel for hosting this event!

The Korean Street Festival…organized by the Korean American Chamber of Commerce celebrated their 15th year on August 15. Great event with good food and awesome performers.

I had an opportunity to speak to the Russian American community on Russian radio. The hosts were tremendously smart and knew the important issues affecting Illinois: corruption and lack of jobs.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we will be at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. Join us there!!!

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The Blago trial…

Patrick Fitzgerald and his prosecutors did a great job and I thank the jury for their service.

Today former Governor Blagoevich was found guilty on only one charge, lying to federal investigators. This campaign is disappointed that the former Governor was not found guilty on the other charges. The verdict demonstrates the importance of the Office of Attorney General to take an active role in investigating and prosecuting corrupt public officials. It was clear from this case that the overworked and understaffed US attorneys need more resources to effectively investigate and prosecute the former governor. I believe it is up to the Attorney General of Illinois to provide the resources necessary to assist federal prosecutors. As Attorney General I will allocate the resources of the office to help the US Attorney as he moves forward with re-trying Blago.

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Indian Independence Day and more!

Congratulations to the Indian American community as they celebrate 64 years of independence. I was honored to be part of this celebration. On Friday I joined leaders of the Indian American community and also dignitaries from the Indian government at the flag raising ceremony at the Daley Center. I had an opportunity to address the community at the Independence Day Banquet.

Saturday was a great day as the campaign started bright and early at the Boone County Fair in Belvidere. Thanks to Boone County Republican Chairman George Crawford for his dedication in supporting our candidates.

Laura Pollastrini did a great job organizing the Tri County Tea Party event in Bartlett. Over 250 people braved the heat to hear our Governor candidate Bill Brady, State Senator John Millnor, myself and many more.

I also stopped by the Northbrook Victory Center…Congratulations to Tony Esposito for directing a center that has been among the top centers in the country in reaching out to voters.

Senator Chris Lauzen, wife Sarah and his entire family hosted a wonderful picnic in Aurora. Over 700 of the Senator’s closest friends were there and a host of candidates. The food was great and the company was better.

The final event on Saturday was a fundraiser for the Golden Hope Foundation. This wonderful organization raises money to support children all over the world. They have recently built schools in Nigeria and Haiti. Congratulations to my good friend Beatrice…who is the President and Founder of the organization. It was an honor for me to address this organization.

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Today’s Chicago Tribune had an article on the length of time it took for some recent Illinois disasters to warrant a presidential declaration allowing the area to receive aid from FEMA. Many affected communities had to wait more than a month and even more than two months. I think this is too long for suffering families to wait for relief. Government’s most important role is to assist our citizens in times of disaster. There needs to be better collaboration between FEMA and state and local agencies to speed up the relief process. Suffering families cannot wait for the bureaucratic wheels to turn.

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Crime rates and the AG’s role.

Illinois needs a true leader who has a great deal of concern for criminal justice now more than ever. Crime rates are rising in this bad economy yet police and prosecution resources are being slashed as governments deal with shrinking budgets. That means more crime is slipping through the cracks. There’s no one out there to pick up the slack, there is no support service or one-stop shop that says, “we’re smart on crime, and we’re not going to put up with this.” The Illinois attorney general’s office can play more of that role and this fall, I intend to make sure that happens.

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