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July 4th parades and some other thoughts and impressions.

What a busy weekend! It was so much fun celebrating our beautiful country’s birthday. July 4th truly symbolizes why we live in this great country and how much I love this nation-God Bless America!

The campaign started the weekend at the Tea Party picnic where over 10 tea parties gathered to celebrate our nation’s birthday-what a great event! July 4 was a long but great day as we started early in the morning walking at the Vernon Hills parade. Then we went onto Wheaton, and finally with sore legs and under 90 degree heat, finished off at the Northbrook parade. It was an awesome experience as I shook thousands of hands on the parade route. Thank you to all the volunteers that walked with me! Check out the pictures on facebook.

This week I also visited the Forever Young Adult daycare center where I had an opportunity to speak to over a hundred Russian American senior citizens. It was wonderful speaking to them and recognizing that all immigrants share a familiar story of working hard and striving for the American dream. Thank you Martha for setting up this event. Small businesses are the key to the Russian immigrant community just like other immigrant communities, and as Attorney General I promise to support and protect these small businesses. They are the core of the American economy.

Congratulations to the Chicago Young Republicans for a hugely successful event at the Cubbie Bear bar. Hundreds of young people gathered to support the YR group. They are a great mechanism to attract more young Chicagoans to the Republican party. They have over 800 paid members now and are the fastest growing political organization in Illinois. Congratulations to their leadership for doing such a great job!

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