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The American Dream

Although democrats and republicans argue on the important matters of this country, I want to reassure and emphasize the importance of being an American. Of course, I strongly believe in the ideals of free enterprise, low taxes, and less government intervention, but lately I have recognized the negativism of our American attitude. As I have traveled throughout the world for business, I applaud the incredible economic achievements of South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and other places in Asia. These countries exude a confidence in their economy, culture and way of life. I recognize and respect their hard work and enterprise. However, no other nation in the world bleeds what we Americans live by on a daily basis: FREEDOM! No matter what sex, race, creed, or religion we are, we all strive to live the dream of opportunity.

We are still the most powerful nation on earth. No other nation has ever experienced the economic, moral, cultural and religious growth we have. This is the only nation on earth where an immigrant can come with a few hundred bucks and eventually lead a business empire or run for attorney general. We all must be thankful for what this nation has endured and provided. We all must be proud! There will never be a nation as great as ours. So let’s lift our heads up and create, innovate and design our economy into the next generation! It’s not just about Boeing, Apple, Dell, and Google. It’s about our small businesses that work every day to create a better product and strive to make our economy the best in the world. It’s about family, friends, and the atmosphere which helps us to create a society where government helps those that need the business environment which enables small entrepreneurs to achieve The American Dream.

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Illinois now has the highest budget deficit in the country according to a new survey (click on the link below). This is not a list we want to be on top of. Only under new leadership can we change the course of this State. We need real pension reform and cut spending!

Illinois Has Nation’s Largest Budget Deficit

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I’m back home!

Back in the good old USA! It’s always great to be back home after two weeks of long and grueling meetings. I just landed 2 hours ago and I am speaking at the D’Balayan of Chicago event in Rosemont.

There are numerous opportunities for our Illinois companies in Asia! The region is growing very quickly and unless we are in the game we will be left behind. Our companies can provide technology, manufacturing, financial and other services to these booming economies.

It was tough again to see Blago’s pictures on the news over in Asia and people asking me all day about this issue. We MUST change our image in Illinois! We need to break away from our corrupt past and work on expanding our businesses.

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Currently in Beijing…

Hot and humid in Beijing today… there is a Chinatown in Beijing-that was weird. I will never complain of Chicago traffic again! Beijing is a commuter’s nightmare.

Our companies need to compete in the global marketplace. What is very encouraging is that the Chinese people and companies respect American technology, quality and business standards. They are always coming to the US to learn from our companies. I met with an agriculture association that is seeking ties in Illinois to learn our farming techniques and know how. I had dinner with the President of the China Europe International Business School, which is currently ranked number one in Asia and in the top 10 throughout the world among MBA programs. Alumni from this institution are current corporate leaders in China.

I also met with China’s largest coal company. Opportunities and challenges in the coal industry are similar in China and the US. It is important to utilize this natural resource to grow our economy by investing in clean coal technologies and thereby creating the energy this world greatly needs. Government should not just support renewable energy, but coal, natural gas and other power generation industries as well. As I always say, “it’s not up to government to pick the winners and losers in business-it should be up to the marketplace!”

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Vertu cell phones, a hot seller in China, sell for about $10,000!

There are a lot of opportunities for Illinois firms to grow in the 1.3 billion dollar Chinese market. The middle class in China is growing at a dramatic rate and American companies need to be in the forefront of selling our products here. Today we met with the largest wind energy company in China with an office in Texas. They are looking to expand and we are asking them to come to Illinois. The VP of International is a Northwestern grad from Evanston. I also met with the China Investment Promotion Agency. They are assisting Chinese companies in investments overseas-including the United States. The All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Co-Operatives is looking to send Chinese agricultural companies to Illinois for training. This is another good opportunity for our agricultural exporters!

It’s 4am here; jet lag is a killer on these trips.

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For the next 10 days, I will be unable to attend events in Illinois as I will be traveling overseas to assist American companies sell their products and expand their business so they can create jobs in the United States. The campaign will still be active as the staff will be at various events. I believe it is important that political leaders understand the private sector and experience first-hand what happens in the business world. Only with an understanding of and experience in business can we implement policies that will help create jobs in Illinois.

Please follow my experience overseas as I will be doing regular updates on Facebook and website’s blog.

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What a busy weekend! It was so much fun celebrating our beautiful country’s birthday. July 4th truly symbolizes why we live in this great country and how much I love this nation-God Bless America!

The campaign started the weekend at the Tea Party picnic where over 10 tea parties gathered to celebrate our nation’s birthday-what a great event! July 4 was a long but great day as we started early in the morning walking at the Vernon Hills parade. Then we went onto Wheaton, and finally with sore legs and under 90 degree heat, finished off at the Northbrook parade. It was an awesome experience as I shook thousands of hands on the parade route. Thank you to all the volunteers that walked with me! Check out the pictures on facebook.

This week I also visited the Forever Young Adult daycare center where I had an opportunity to speak to over a hundred Russian American senior citizens. It was wonderful speaking to them and recognizing that all immigrants share a familiar story of working hard and striving for the American dream. Thank you Martha for setting up this event. Small businesses are the key to the Russian immigrant community just like other immigrant communities, and as Attorney General I promise to support and protect these small businesses. They are the core of the American economy.

Congratulations to the Chicago Young Republicans for a hugely successful event at the Cubbie Bear bar. Hundreds of young people gathered to support the YR group. They are a great mechanism to attract more young Chicagoans to the Republican party. They have over 800 paid members now and are the fastest growing political organization in Illinois. Congratulations to their leadership for doing such a great job!

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Summer is here as the campaign gets into high gear attending picnics and fairs all over the State.  Last Sunday, the campaign attended the Bolingbrook picnic sponsored by Mayor Roger Claar and the Bolingbrook trustees.  Thousands attended this annual event behind village hall.   The Korean American community, led by Mr. Sehum Hong, hosted a fundraiser for Congressman Mark Kirk to help with his Senate race. Congratulations to the leaders of the community who implemented a very successful event!

Senator Bill Brady, our nominee for Governor, visited with the Korean American community this week speaking to a group of young Korean Americans at a popular cafe called ArtZone.  It was great to see the Senator in the community! He will be an awesome advocate for the Korean American community in Illinois.

This weekend is the start of the July 4th parades. Our campaign will be walking in the Northbrook, Vernon Hills, and Wheaton parades-hope to see you there!  Happy Birthday America!

June 30 was also the end of the semi-annual campaign financial report period. We need to step it up during this quarter! As everyone knows, money is a very key factor in getting our message of “NO CORRUPTION” out to the whole of Illinois. Please contribute whatever amount you can through our website.

Thank you again for all your support!

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