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A poignant article from the Chicago Tribune regarding the need for change.

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Times are changing for the better!

Tuesday elections in places like Pennsylvania and Kentucky demonstrated yet again that voters are tired of life-long politicians. Incumbents are dropping like flies in 2010 and Illinois has an opportunity to elect new leaders with fresh ideas to statewide offices. Voters in Illinois have a chance to bring about true, real change and help steer the State back onto the right path. Corruption and endless spending have created an economic climate in Illinois that has placed us in the bottom of nearly every job creation category. We need real, true change in Illinois and on November 2, with the help of everyone, we can once again be proud of our great State.

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I would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.  President Lincoln said it best: “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”  I hope you will join me as we thank our mothers for their direction and unconditional love that influence our conscience when people are looking, and more importantly, when we are all alone.

This past week was once again full of exciting events as the campaign covered parts of Southern Illinois.  We were in Randolph and Menard counties where Chairmen Rick Hall and Allan Anderson are doing great jobs recruiting volunteers and growing their local organizations.  Their efforts are going to be critical as we move toward the heat of the campaign season.

Angel Garcia, our Cook County Clerk Nominee, had a great fundraiser at River’s in downtown Chicago.  Roger Keats, our Cook County Board President Nominee, was also in attendance and gave a great speech describing how much the business climate has fallen in Cook County.  Cook County was the number one manufacturing county in the entire country at one time.  Under the leadership of Roger and Angel, we can once again have a booming manufacturing base in Cook County.

The campaign also attended the inauguration of the Mr. Ray Kim as the new Korean American Chamber of Commerce President.  Congratulations to President Kim and the board.  Also, we attended the first inauguration of the board of officers for the Association of Home Healthcare Providers.  Congratulations to its new President, Ms. Salvie Marino and the entire inductees.  It was an honor for me to swear in the new officers and inductees this past weekend at the Hyatt in Rosemont.

The Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce awarded 10 Asian American owned businesses for their business achievements and service in the community.  It was an honor for me to speak to the group.  These Asian American leaders have sacrificed and worked hard to achieve the American dream and they are an example to not just Asian Americans, but to all immigrants in this great country.

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