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What a week!

It was another wonderful week as the campaign spread its wings and reached out to young voters.  I had an opportunity to address the Illinois College Republican Federation during their annual conference and also spoke to college students at the University of Illinois in Springfield.  It is awesome to see young people involved in public service.  I feel more confident in Illinois’ future after speaking to such bright and energetic college students.  Congratulations to Matt Zimmerman of Eastern Illinois University for his election as Chairman of the Illinois College Republican Federation.  Congratulations to the other elected officers, Ryan Roth, Jason Untch, Kent Kiefer, Andrew Larson and Executive Director Elizabeth Davidson, who is from my alma mater, Loyola University.

Last Tuesday night, I attended a fundraiser for Mclean County Republican candidates at the beautiful home of Mark and Karen Oostman in Bloomington.  I would like to especially thank Patrick Hughes for attending and speaking on behalf of Mark Kirk.  Pat nailed it when he spoke of the differences between Congressman Kirk and his opponent.

The Illinois Republican Party came together and had a very successful fundraiser at the Drake Hotel.  Chairman Michael Steele gave an excellent speech on how he will be focusing on Illinois in November to get the entire Republican ticket elected.  It was great seeing the party coalescing and coming together as one.  The Democrats have always done a good job of coming together after the primary and now the Republicans are uniting as one party to fight the real battle in November.

Congratulations to Ambassador Rich Williamson for his election as National Committeeman.  Congratulations to former National Committeemen Pat Brady for a great job during his stint.  However, Pat is not done as he will be leading the State Party to victory in November.

Over the weekend I attended the Shelby County Lincoln Day Dinner…congratulations to Chairman Brad Halbrook for planning and executing a great event.  On Sunday I stopped over in Galena to meet with Jo Daviess County Chairman Andy Blankenbaker and conduct a media interview with the Galena Gazette.  I also had an opportunity to meet with Andy’s wonderful parents Larry and Mary.  They own a great restaurant on Main Street in beautiful Galena called Benjamin’s.  Everyone should stop by when in Galena.  Mary was also the past Chairman of the Illinois Restaurant Association.

And on Monday evening I stopped over in Freeport to speak to the leaders of the Stephenson County Republican Party.  They had some poignant questions for me but I think we all can agree that in November we need a fresh start in Illinois.

Finally…I would like welcome Rey Nanato as the campaign’s outreach director.  With his wealth of knowledge and unbelievable networking skills, Rey will be an excellent addition to our team.

Pleae check out the pictures in the gallery section and I will be updating you again shortly.

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2010 GOP Lineup Video

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NBC article.

Follow the link to see NBC’s article on my campaign.

NBC Article

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Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day! Well, I don’t know about happy, but today is an important reminder that all citizens should ask themselves: are our political leaders being fiscally responsible with our hardworking money? If not, we need to send them a message in November!

I’m back from a week in Asia where I spoke at the Green Energy Expo in Daegu, Korea. I was promoting American manufacturers in the energy industry. It was a successful trip as our firms were able to successfully negotiate a glass coating manufacturing company based in Seoul, Korea to open their first overseas manufacturing plant here in Chicago. This will mean much needed jobs to the residents on the west side of Chicago.

Also, I spoke to the Young Executives Club monthly luncheon in Chicago today. What a great group of young executives! Their knowledge of Illinois’ economic situation was impressive and they peppered me with challenging questions.

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Senator Dan Rutherford Press Release

CONTACT:  Senator Rutherford
Ph:       815-842-3632

Link to Press Release:!/pages/Dan-Rutherford/104696265020?v=app_2347471856

Link to Bloomington Pantagraph Article ‘Vendor refuses to sell ammo to Illinois because of unpaid bills’

Rutherford statement on IDOC ammunition purchase:
PONTIAC, IL – State Senator Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac) delivered the following comments after learning about the Illinois Department of Corrections plan to purchase ammunition from an out of state company.
“Now let me get this straight. The state is $6000 behind paying an Illinois vendor for bullets for correctional officers, so the vendor required the state to pay cash upfront,” Rutherford said. “Instead of resolving the late payments to our Illinois vendor, this Administration made an emergency purchase with an Indiana company for $200,000 worth of ammunition. What are they thinking? Indiana does not have a problem with job creation, so why would we spend public monies to help an out-of-state vendor.”

For further information and photos, please visit:
Senator Dan Rutherford, 320 North Plum Street, Pontiac, IL 61764, 815-842-3632

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This weekend I had an opportunity to speak to the Cook County Republican National Hispanic Assembly.  Congratulations to Angel Garcia for leading such an active organization in Cook County.  The Hispanic community is key to the success of our Statewide candidates in November.  I believe our message of small business growth and lower taxes resonates with the Hispanic community.  The success of Hispanic businesses in Illinois is critical to our economic growth and vitality and as a candidate I will be visiting and consulting with all Hispanic leaders in Illinois…not only Republicans but also Democrats and Independents.

From April 5 – April 14, I will be overseas speaking at the International Renewable Energy Conference in Daegu, South Korea.  This will be an excellent opportunity for me to promote American renewable energy manufacturing companies overseas.  Illinois’ economy needs to have a strong export sector.  American products are well respected all over the world for its innovation and quality.  As Attorney General, I will make sure that the regulatory and business climate in Illinois fosters the growth of our export sector.

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Another great weekend!

Another great weekend of traveling throughout Illinois attending Lincoln Day dinners. This past weekend was especially special as former deputy chief of staff to President Bush, Karl Rove, keynoted several of the Lincoln Day dinners we attended.

Chairman Cronin of DuPage County had over 1500 people attend his LD event in Oakbrook. Check out my picture with Karl Rove in the gallery section. On Saturday, we started the day at 5am and went to 5 counties in one day. We started in Chairman Lowell Schroeder’s  Tazwell County for brunch and headed to Champaign County for a luncheon where Chairman Jason Barickman had Karl Rove keynote the luncheon. Karl Rove was also at Tazwell County. Tazwell is also the home to our incredibly popular and active Illinois Republican Committeewoman, Demetra Demonte.  After lunch, we drove to Springfield and I had an opportunity to speak to the State Central Committeemen and County Chairmen during their annual meeting.

The evening ended with two events. One in Chairman Terri Coyne’s neck of the woods in Macoupin County where US Rep candidate Bobby Schilling, Lt. Governor candidate Jason Plummer, State Senate candidate Sam McCann, and State Rep. candidate and former General, Wayne Rosenthal were all in attendance. This was Terri’s first event as chairman and it was a definite success. We ended the day in Christian County where Chairman Eric Hall gathered several hundred republicans in Taylorville.

Another long weekend of putting over 1000 miles in the automobile, but it was so exciting to see the excitement the statewide and local Republican candidates are creating throughout Illinois.  Illinois voters are definitely listening to our message of job creation and zero tolerance on corruption.

My next posting will discuss how the recent healthcare legislation is hurting the economy as companies such as Boeing, Caterpillar, ATT, John Deere, ITW, etc have publicly stated that they will incur millions in losses. In the case of ATT, there will be a billion dollars in costs while at the same time decreasing benefits for current and retired employees.

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