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Congratulations Senator Brady!

Congratulations to Senator Bill Brady for being our nominee for governor. I have met and gotten to know Senator Brady and his lovely wife, Nancy, throughout the campaign trail. They are wonderful people and will make a great first family of Illinois. I am honored and proud to be on the same statewide ticket with Senator Brady.

Throughout his life, Senator Bill Brady has worked to make a difference in the lives of Illinois families. Whether it was building affordable quality homes for them or working in his community and the General Assembly to give them a better quality of life and a brighter future.

Bill Brady understands the challenges Illinois families and businesses face in today’s recessionary times. He faced those same challenges in 1983 when he abandoned plans to attend law school and instead joined his family’s struggling home construction business. He knows how to manage resources and make a payroll. He knows the negative effect that high taxes and an anti-business climate have on the state’s economy and on the everyday lives of Illinois families.

Please check out more about Senator Brady at

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